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The National Heritage Institute, in a partnership with the “Alexandru Ștefulescu” Gorj County Museum, the “Spiru Haret” National College of Târgu Jiu, the Vâlcea County “Aurelian Sacerdoțeanu” Museum – the Museum Complex Măldărești began to develop the cultural education programme, funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund – AFCN: “A forgotten architectural project – Romania’s old kulas. Past and future ” – THE KULAS.


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The project aimed at various events: exhibition, round table: both were carried out at the County Museum of Târgu Jiu on 26 September 2013, a documentary trip (27 September) and a contest (30 September) whose subject was the kulas.

The opening of 26 September in Târgu Jiu took place at 3 PM and it was followed by a round table at 4.30 PM.

The exhibition and the round table were focused on the debates regarding the preservation and safeguard of this architectural programme.

Tg. Jiu event leafletTg. Jiu event leaflet
The presentations and talks that took place during the round table were conducted, besides the members of the team project, by mayors who manage kulas, representatives of the university and pre-university education, specialists within the cultural departments of the counties that host kulas-historical monuments, architects etc. A large audience participated, too, most of which was formed of pupils and university students.

On 27 September 2013, a documentary field trip was organized in Mehedinți, Gorj and Vâlcea counties to get acquainted with the most representative kulas that have survived the centuries. Seven kulas - historical monuments were visited: the Cuțui Kula, Brosteni (Mehedinți), Kula Cioaba Chintescu, Șiacu/Slivești (Gorj), the Crăsnaru Kula, Groșerea (Gorj), the Duca and Greceanu Kulas, Măldărești (Valcea), the Tattarascu and Cornoiu Kulas, and the ones in Curtisoara/Bumbesti Jiu (Gorj). Over 60% of the participants were students, representatives of the national high school that partnered up in this project.

On 30 September 2013, together with “Spiru Haret” National High School of Târgu Jiu (a partner in this project), a cultural education contest took place, which was focused on the kulas. The contest, that offered prizes in cash and consisted of a 20-question questionnaire, brought together 29 participants. Five prizes were granted: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes, and three lower awards.

The National Heritage Institute, Bucharest

1 October 2013

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