Zătreanu Kula

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  • LMI (Historical Monument List) Code: VL-II-m-B-09977
  • Location:

    46 Zătreni village, Zătreni district, Vâlcea county

  • Access:

    In the village of Zătreni, on National Road 67B from Târgu Jiu to Drăgăşani, about 50 km from Drăgăşani. Or from National Road 65C from Craiova to Horezu, near Giuleşti town, there is a signpost to Târgu Jiu, about 20 km to the center of Zătreni village.

  • References:

    This is not a public building.

  • Original/current function: fortified dwelling of the kula type/out of use
  • Date: 1754, extensions in the 20th century
  • History:

    On his estate of Zătreni, boyar Radu Zătreanu built his kula in 1754. The kula became property of Boicescu family at the end of the 19th century. Boicescus extended it by adding a new building of a significant size in the 20th century. After WWII, it became the headquarters of a state-owned farm. At present, it is out of use.

  • Description:

    The kula itself is built based on the three-storey body of the old mansion modified by the Boicescu family. The walls of the kula are 80 cm thick and they are considerably thicker than those of the extension. The kula has a vaulted cellar on the ground floor. The living quarters are on the upper floors. One of the rooms on the first floor is covered with a monastery vault. On the second floor there is a turret. There are embrasures on the ground floor and on the first floor. The important early 20th century extension was developed horizontally Eastwards, on two floors, and adopted a number of decorative elements from the old kula.

  • Conservation status: medium
  • Bibliography:

    Creţeanu Radu, Creţeanu Sarmiza, Kulas from Romania, Meridiane Publishing House, Bucharest, 1969

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