Galiţa Kula

Cula_Galita-Campu_Mare-Dobroteasa_OT-01.JPG Cula_Galita-Campu_Mare-Dobroteasa_OT-02.JPG Cula_Galita-Campu_Mare-Dobroteasa_OT-03.JPG Cula_Galita-Campu_Mare-Dobroteasa_OT-04.JPG Cula_Galita-Campu_Mare-Dobroteasa_OT-05_[1964].JPG Cula_Galita-Campu_Mare-Dobroteasa_OT-06_[1964].JPG
  • LMI (Historical Monument List) Code: OT-II-m-B-08811
  • Location:

    Câmpu Mare village, Dobroteasa district, Olt county

  • Access:

    On Road 67B from Drăgăşani to Piteşti, in Dobroreasa district, there is a signpost to Drăgoeşti. 1 km down this road, there is a side-road to the left.

    Or, from Road 64 that connects Râmnicu Vâlcea to Drăgăşani road, after crossing the Oltul river over the bridge next to the villages of Olanu and Ioneşti or from the vicinity of Drăgăşani, about 17 km away from Drăgăşani.

  • References:

    This is not a public building.

  • Original/current function: kula/ administrative building within the Sâmbureşti Vine and Fruit-Tree Research Station.
  • Date: 1790-1800
  • History:

    The kula was built at the end of the 18th century by the garrison chief Alexandru Vlangalis (Alecu Vlangăr). Originally, it had four floors. During the peasant uprisings in 1907, the last floor, which was open, burned and it was not rebuilt. In the rebuilding works after the fire, the kula was modified: the windows were widened and reconfigured.

  • Description:

    The kula is a three-storey compact and rectangular building. The fourth floor, a turret open on all sides, was destroyed by fire at the beginning of the 20th century. The living quarters are located inside, on every floor, and they are accessible from the staircase. The embrasures have been turned into windows.

  • Conservation status: good
  • Bibliography:

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