Cernăteşti Kula

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  • LMI (Historical Monument List) Code: DJ-II-m-A-08237
  • Location:

    Cernăteşti village, Cernăteşti district, Dolj county

  • Access:

    From the city of Craiova, on the Cernele – Breasta – Cernăteşti road, at a distance of around 35 Km.

  • References:

    This is not a public building.

  • Original/current function: kula/ out of use
  • Date: the 18th century
  • History:

    The kula was built by boyars of the Cernătescu family in the second half of the 18th century. Originally, it had two floors, but changes were made to the kula in several stages, such as a third floor that has a wooden girdle. At a certain point, it had turned to ruin, but it was restored at the end of the 1960s and was turned into a village museum by schoolmaster Nicolae Pârvulescu.

  • Description:

    The kula has a compact, rectangular plan. It has three floors. There is the cellar on the ground floor, which is accessed separately from the outside. Upper levels, where the living quarters are located, are accessed by an indoor staircase. The kula has a wooden girdle that surrounds it on three sides on the second floor. On its western side, attached to the kula, there is a privy accessible from the first floor. A massive buttress supports the kula on the South-Eastern corner. Embrasures were built both on the ground floor and on the first floor.

  • Conservation status: Pre-collapse
  • Bibliography:

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    The archive of the National Institute of Heritage

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