Vlădescu Kula - ruins

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  • LMI (Historical Monument List) Code: AG-II-m-B-13849.01
  • Location:

    Next to the church “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist”, Biserica din Deal Street, Vlădești village, Vlădești district, Argeș county.

  • Access:

    From 73 Pitești – Câmpulung road, on the road to Balilești, Vlădești. Or from 73C Câmpulung – Curtea de Argeș road, towards Aninoasa, Vlădești. Orientation point in Vlădești: next to the church “The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist”, on Biserica din Deal Street.

  • References:

    Not in the public circuit.

  • Original/current function: fortified dwelling of the kula type / ruins
  • Date: the 17th century
  • History:

    In 1656, the great treasurer Pârvu Vlădescu erected on his estate a church dedicated to the feast of Saint John the Baptist's beheading. The ordainer was buried at the church's entrance, in 1658. Of the Vlădescu aristocratic mansions, in the church's proximity, there still remain the ruins of a compact building, possibly an ancient kula, dating to the 17th century.

  • Description:

    The ruins, barely emerging from the ground, belong to a compact square building. The masonry is mixed: stone and brick. The monumental church of the Vlădești, in close proximity, repesents a wonderful example of Wallachian medieval architecture. On the ouside, to this day, there has been preserved a decoration made of glazed ceramic buttons, after the pattern of Stelea Church.

  • Biserica_Taierea_Capului_Sf._Ioan_Botezatorul_a_boierilor_Vladescu-Vladesti_AG-04.JPG Biserica_Taierea_Capului_Sf._Ioan_Botezatorul_a_boierilor_Vladescu-Vladesti_AG-05.JPG Biserica_Taierea_Capului_Sf._Ioan_Botezatorul_a_boierilor_Vladescu-Vladesti_AG-06.JPG
  • Conservation status: Ruins
  • Bibliography:

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